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Enat Bank opened its 98th branch in Addis Ababa located around Kara area. The branch is named after a renowned Ethiopian woman, Poetess Firmaye Alemu. Firmaye was a talented and prolific poet in Ethiopia. Africa Kiramot” (African Moments) is one of her most admired works. Most of Firmaye’s literary works focused on social issues that were broadcasted on Ethiopian National Radio, Legedadi Educational Broadcast, and Ethiopian Television. Firmaye made a great contribution along with other poetesses, Aregash Seifu to the establishment and strengthening of the Women Writers Association of Ethiopia.

The bank warmly invites residents, visitors and the public working in and around its surrounding Saris Hadid Gebeya are to pay a visit to the branch. Enat Bank well trained staff be delighted to provide a personalized service catered to your financial needs. Mane Ende Enat!