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Mission and Vision



“To remain true to our name, set a trend in the provision of excellent and inclusive banking services mainly by focusing on women economic needs and taking advantage of the state-of-art-technology, innovation and professional workforce with the aim of maximizing the value of our shareholders;”


“To become a bank of choice in Ethiopia by 2030, mainly by maximizing women’s economic capabilities;”        




Willing to give the time and energy that the delivery of excellent customer service demands;



Serving our customers in a welcoming and passionate manner by providing excellent banking service.



Rendering banking  service without discriminating in gender, creed and social status;



Upholding the highest moral principles or professional standards of integrity in discharging all duties of the Bank;


Concern for employees

Considering employees as key strategic partners in attaining the grand objectives of the Bank through the creation of a conducive working environment;


Learning Organization

To be a learning organization by regularly adapting to a new way of doing banking service



Believe and adhere to a culture of teamwork  to realize our corporate objectives; 



Realizing our responsibilities in a manner of behaving with the utmost professionalism in each of our activity mandates so as to build the image of the Bank;

Our Founders

Almaz Tseham Teklu

Owner/ President of
General Trading,
Syringe Factory,
Detergent Factory,
Plastic Factory,
Nokia Care Ethiopia, …



Amelework Giday

Technostyle PLC
Mechot Commercial & Industrial PLC
Atom Branding & Interior Design PLC
Techo Decor PLC


Askale Benti Korsa

Share Holder and Chairperson of Ardi International Logistics S.C.


Aster Solomon

Founder & Managing Director,Information Systems Services (ISS)


Hadia M.Gondji

Owner/Chairperson and Managing Director of  Hadia Seed Production & Agro Industry Plc
Hadia Flower and vegetable Plc
Hadia Super Market and
HMG and Family Plc

Address:  hadiamg@yahoo.com



Hirut Alamerew

Owner & Managing Director of Bemenet PLC and Class Plus event organizing PLC


Meaza Ashenafi

President of the Federal Supreme Court



Mekiya Mamiyo

Founder and owner of MEKIYA ENTERPRISE, Mekiya Agricultural Farm, Mekiya Agricultural Mechanization, Mekiya Import & Export, ADA Flour & Spaghetti Factory, & Ethio Saudi German Hospital


Nigest Haile

Founder and Executive Director, Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE)


Rahel Zewdie sleeuwagen

Owner of Choche Café. A Rotarian, supporter of community Education and Health care in Jimma.



Sara Abera

Owner and Manager of Muya Ethiopia P.L.C. and Sara Garment.


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