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Women Financing

Silanchi Saving

“Silanchi” is a special women saving account with high interest rate and different benefit packages.

It consists, mortgage loan, vehicle loan and personal loan facilitations for women.

Based on the amount deposited, the interest rate ranges from 7.5% to 9%.

Collateral  Saving

The “Enat Collateral Saving Account” is an account where willing national and international organizations, private and governmental as well as concerned individuals, who has same vision as Enat Bank to reach “the missing middles”, deposit a certain amount of money that will be blocked for a period of time; and which the Bank uses as a guarantee for women entrepreneurs.The Bank in partnership with development partners shall work on relevant training and business advisory services for potential beneficiaries of the scheme. Advisor partners may also directly participate in the preparation of business plans in addition to providing training and advisory services. This will ensure that the business is run properly, and make sure loans are paid as per schedule to minimized default.

Loan under USAID/SIDA Guarantee scheme

Offered to qualifying borrowers in private enterprises registered in Ethiopia those are at least 51% owned by Women. The applicant should offer collateral equivalent to 50% of the loan requested (In the form of building, cash substitute, bank share and bonds) & Ethiopian citizen.

Women Special Loan

The “Enat Loan to women” against cash collateral deposited by willing individuals is a loan forwomen-owned SMEs,whothe lack of collateral is a bottleneck to the growth of their business.

Applicant must be a woman or business owned and managed by women only; Ethiopian by Nationality; Able to produce a certificate showing that she/they does/do not have any property registered in her/their name, or husband’s name; And must meet other additional eligibility criteria set by the Bank.

Credit Guarantee for Women

This platform is a unique credit guarantee resource mobilization platform dedicated to creating access to finance for women in business. Through this initiative, the bank launched three collateral guarantee fund platforms, inviting voluntary individuals, institutions, CSOs, and the general public to participate in supporting eligible women entrepreneurs who cannot offer collateral for loan requests. These aspiring women, as individuals or groups are chosen by the depositors themselves. Enat Bank facilitates this process, acting on behalf of the depositors. Moreover, the guarantee fund extends its women currently on the loan waiting list also become eligible for under this scheme, further accelerating their access to finance and growth opportunities.

Non Financial Services

Financial Education 
The “Enat financial education” tools and training is to provide financial literacy which is believed will aid in educating women on financial issues, assist in the change of their standard of living. The training is delivered on all the branches of the bank, and is supported by educational dramas, entertaining games, registration of income and expense, and many more.

Enat Bank would also like to invite all interested to participate in the training at our Branches

Job Creation:

Enat Bank is committed to offering employment opportunities for women who have overcome domestic violence, empowering them to regain financial independence and rebuild their confidence.

  • Enat Bank stands as a guarantor by pledging cash for women who cannot bring personal guarantors to get employment and unlocking access to further employment opportunities.

Branch Naming:

Our Addis Ababa branches are proudly named after pioneering Ethiopian and foreign women, recognizing their significant contributions to our nation. This serves not only to honor their past commitment but also to inspire future generations by showcasing their remarkable examples. Through this initiative, we hope to inspire young citizens, encouraging them to learn about these impactful women.

Access to Market:

women in business face unique challenges when it comes to accessing markets. Enat bank, going beyond simply providing financial solutions. We provide tailored advisory, industry-focused networking opportunities, and market access support, helping women entrepreneurs overcome barriers and thrive.

Capacity building

The Bank in partnership with development partnersprovides capacity building and advisory services for SMEs women-owned business. Advisor partners may also directly participate in the preparation of business plans in addition to providing training and advisory services.

We will soon have more specific products and services tailored to the needs of women, and women-owned SMEs available on the website. Check back soon!


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