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Our Unique approaches

Enat Bank was initiated by some of Ethiopia’s leading visionaries and businesswomen. Enat Bank’s founders created a bank that empowers women, while providing all clients with exemplary services. We are prepared to cater to the needs of large corporations, small businesses and all individuals. 

Enat believes that supporting women to make deposits, access credit and trade services, and better manage their finances is good business. Enat Bank will increase profits for shareholders while also supporting social causes.

Our name of ‘mother’ signifies our attitude to all clients – we want to take care of you. Enat’s 11-person board of directors (6 women and 5 men) boasts leaders from varied economic, social banking and other business backgrounds. Above 23,140 shareholders – 64% of whom are female – have already invested in Enat. 

We stand out for our nurturing and inclusive approach. Enat staff will meet all of your banking needs, as it is led by banking professionals with extensive experience in the financial sector, distinguished careers and public service records. 

We are also different because of our innovative services, a market departure from the traditional. Our goal is to help you create the life you want. We do this through customized deposit services, distinct loans and superior international banking. Our advisors are ready to give you a financial tune-up and nurture your long-term goals. Whether you want to finance your child’s education or expand your business, Enat makes it happen.


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Kirkos sub-city, woreda 8, Jomo Kenyata Avenue, |Enat Tower |P. O. Box 18401, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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