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Enat Bank opened its 95th branch in Addis Ababa located around Figa area near to the traffic light. The branch is named after a renowned Ethiopian Woman, “Zemi Yenus”, a pioneering teacher and advocate for autistic children in Ethiopia. Zemi Yenus founded the Joy Center, the first Ethiopian school for children with autism, in 2002. She was instrumental in raising autism awareness in Ethiopia and shaping research on the condition. Prior to the establishment of the Joy Center, children with autism in Ethiopia would often remain hidden away at home due to severe stigma. Zemi worked tirelessly to change this. She was a pioneer in speaking openly about her child’s autism.

The bank warmly invites residents, visitors and the public working in and around its surrounding Figa area to pay a visit to the branch. Enat Bank’s well trained staff will be delighted to provide a personalized service catered to your financial needs.

Mane Ende Enat!