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» Announcement of opening our new branch in Merkato
Enat Bank inaugurated its 14th branch “Yekake Wordwet Gojam Berenda Branch” on March 05, 2016 at the heart of Merkato. The branch as usual was named after an influential Ethiopian woman, whose profiles states that she has served as a role model. Her good work, achievement needs to be commemorated, and is hoped to inspire and encourage the next generation to produce influential and powerful women leaders in all walks of life in the whole country. Yekake Wordwet was the first Ethiopian woman who fought in public for women property right “gender equality”, and formed women affairs association.
The colorful celebration of the inauguration ceremony of Yekake Wordwet Gojam Berenda Branch was attended by the Ethiopian National Theater Director of the “Yekake Wordwet Play” and some of the Artists form the play. Also, Ato Endalegeta Kebede, the author of “Embita” the book about the live of Yekake Wordwet , W/ro. Nigest Haile, Board Member and promoter of Enat Bank, other invited guests and the surrounding community were present at the ceremony.

on 24.05.2016, 14:46
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