»20 April: Enat Bank promoted itself on Expo 2013
Enat Bank has extensively promoted itself to the public through one of the grand events taking place here in Addis.

Enat Bank in its participation in the 20th Grand Trade fair (20th April - 4th May), has successfully promoted its opening along with its products & services.

In addition to interacting with the public, which attracted close to 20,000 visitors each day, the platform has also offered an opportunity for Enat Bank to establish Business-to-Customers and Business-to-Business relationships which will have a significant impact for its performance.

The guest of honour for the opening of the Grand Trade Fair, the Coach of the National Football Team Ato Sewenet Bishaw and other signatory personalities had visited the Pavilion whereby Enat's booth was located. The Bank's professionals had given explanation about the product and services of the Bank along with the cause of Enat Bank's establishment.

It is recalled that, Enat Bank has two branches named after prominent Ethiopian women, Etege Taitu & Nigeste Saba Branches located at Kazanchez area Enat Tower and bole Medhanialem area respectively. And now Enat is about to open its third branch around Megenagna.

on 23.05.2013, 11:54
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