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» Enat Bank Bahir Dar Branch Officially Opened
Enat Bank’s 10th Branch was officially opened as the third outlying branch on January 24th 2015.

At the official opening, the Mayor of Bahir Dar, H.E. Ato Lakew Ayalew, noted that “It is a good opportunity for the city as well as to the growing number of investors to have Enat Bank in Bahir Dar; a Bank with an added value as women empowerment.”

The Bank’s Chairperson of the Board of Directors, W/ro Meaza Ashenafi, for her part said that “Enat Bank, is a bank with a vision that stands supreme above all. Enat being the first ever women-founded bank in the history of Ethiopia, stands out from other banks in that 64% of its shareholders are women. The bank was established embracing two integrated goals. The first goal is to execute its banking services in a prompt and efficient manner so as to accrue profit to its shareholders; while the second goal intends to strengthen women’s economic power, which already is underway.”

Following the speech of the Chairperson, Dr Assefa Bequele, member of the Board of Directors, on his speech further emphasised that Enat Bank is the only existing bank that is conceived and founded by women; wherein the majority of the shareholders are women. He also added, “It is true that there exists women banks in other parts of the world, as Tanzania and India, but were established with the support of the government. On the contrary, Enat is the only bank initiated, organized and led by women and whose share is owned mainly by women.”

President of Enat Bank, Ato Wondwossen Teshome, welcomed the guests, and expressed his gratitude for the support the Regional Administration granted while opening the Bank. The President also noted that "though the youngest Bank in the industry, Enat Bank has succeeded in positioning itself among those that registered profit to benefit their customers."

At the event, key figures of the Amhara Regional State, representative of Enat Bank’s Board of Directors, and the Executive Management and the business community of Bahir Dar, were present.

The event gained an extra stimulus from the marching band of Amhara police, as they marched around the main roads of the city playing music.

Mane Ende Enat!

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