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» Announcement of Opening of three more branches
Enat bank continues booming out by opening new branches and broadens its horizons to serve its valued customers. On the second half of the month of June, 2017 alone, Enat bank opened three new branches making its total branches increase to thirty four.
Its 32nd branch, opened around Kality Yeshi Total, is named after the historic valiant woman Shambel Sister Aster Ayano; who was the first female graduate from the Ethiopian Red cross Nursing School and the first African to get the “Florence Nightingale Award”, the highest international distinction a nurse can triumph. Shambel Sister Aster had also went to South Korea supporting the mission of the united nation peacekeeping force to ensure peace and stability in the area and taking her part in charge.
Next stop is the ever vibrant market place Cinema Ras Merkato. This branch is named after the symbolic and successful entrepreneur Emahoy Zemzem Gerbi. She had achieved significant success in different business and was among the first entrepreneurs to own a store and open a shop in Merkato. In 1952 E.C she built Asffa Wossen Hotel and started giving full-fledged hotel service. Besides her entrepreneurial achievements Emahoy Zemzem is also remembered by her great societal contribution like supporting the poor and disabled, building school and health centers; and constructing roads in her birth village. Due to her great contributions and more other achievements; the community around her village honored her “Gist”, an award which is given to historic and hard worker women.
The latest branch is Gofa branch, which is named after the passionate sympathetic women Tirhas Mezgebe G/Medhin. Tirhas has done a lot and become successful in eradicating the harmful traditional practices around Gumuz that enforce women to give birth in forests alone without any assistant. In addition, she spent her own money to build two schools and hire teachers for destitute residents to enlighten their future and also donated a flour mill to women to improve their income. In 1996 E.C she has established “Mujujegwa Loka” Women’s Development Association. The association is now working in seven Woredas, built 9 schools, and developed more than 30 women’s associations.
We are sincerely inviting those of you living & working around Kality Yeshi Total, Merkato Cinema Ras and Gofa to visit the branches and get the warmest personalized service from our well trained and professional staff members.

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