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» Announcement of Opening 3 Branches in February 2017
Enat bank has opened its 26th, 27th and 28th branches in February 2017 around Gerji, Ayat andArat kilo. As usual the newly opened branches were named after prominent Ethiopian women who have served the country in their areas of specialization.

The Gerji branch is named afterArbegnaKebedechSeyumMengesha, a prominent woman freedom fighter, and a humanitarian royal woman. She wanted always to campaign against the fascist Italian invaders accompanying her husband DejazmachAberraKassa, but was refused, and instead was serving a large number of retreating Ethiopian Soldiers by providing them food and shelter until they return to their respective home places.

Shestarted her patriotic life in 1936 after the death of her husband by the Italian invaders, andin 1937 she joined the Shawan patriots, and had about forty patriot soldiers under her command.
ArbegnaKebedechhad participated in several fights even when she was pregnant. She assisted orphan children and provided them food, clothes and other basic necessity for their schooling. The size of her family was not less than thirty.

The Ayat branch is named after Dr. WidadKidanemaryam who according toDr. Ahmed Moenthe Pioneers in Medical and Public Health Services in Ethiopia, Narratives and Attributes of Leadership, “is the first recognized Ethiopian woman to have been trained in western medicine, and to practice as a full-fledged physician. She received her MD from Beirut American University, and is recognized as amongthe first few foreign trained gynecologists. Hence she is the first female Ethiopian gynecologist from the 1960’s”. She was also, the founding member of the Ethiopian Family Guidance Association”.

SimilarlytheArat Kilo branch isnamed after Dr.YalemtsehayMekonnen Tadesse, Professor, Biologist, and Researcher at Addis Ababa University College of Natural Sciences. She is the first Ethiopian woman professor appointed by an Ethiopian University. The Prof. has won the 2015 African Union Kwame Nkrumah Scientific Awards for her scientific achievement, valuable discoveries and findings that have contributed to the development agenda of the Continent. ”Source AU”.

As per an interview by Temsalet, Phenomenal Ethiopian Women Book Dr. Yalemtsehaysupervises enthusiastic new young women in the University Gender Office of the Faculty of Science, and encourages them to think not only of their own advancement, but also of their contribution to their country.

The bank warmly invites everyone around Gerji, AratKillo and Ayat area to pay the bank branch a visit, and our well trained staff will be delighted to provide a personalized service catered to the financial needs of our customers.

Coming soon…
Enat bank will reach its respective customers around KalityYeshi total, Zola, Cinema Ras ….


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