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» Announcement of Opening 3 branches in December
In the very last month of 2016, Enat opened its 22nd, 23rd and 24th branch in Addis Ababa. These new branches are located at Bethel, Laphto and Lideta. As usual, Enat has named these branches after Ethiopian prominent women who have made great contributions to their country in their area of specialization.

The vibrant Bethel branch has been named after the beloved Artist Bizunesh Bekele who is among the pioneer women in the music industry of Ethiopia. Our Laphto branch has been named after Sister Zebidar Zewdie who is the founder and Executive Director of Mary Joy Development Association. She is a philanthropist involved in the day to day work of this NGO that aims to improve the livelihoods of Children with particular emphasis on orphan, destitute older person, people living with HIV/AIDS, women, youth, livelihood sex workers and factory workers.

Similarly, our Lideta Branch has been named after the fashion designer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tsion Michael Andom. She is the first woman to ever own a traditional clothing shop- Tsion Tibebe. Through designs and creativity she has promoted “yehagerbeal libs” worldwide and have worked really hard to raise money for the less fortunate citizens of our country.

If you happen to live or work near Bethel, Laphto or Lideta, please pay us a visit, our well trained staff will be delighted to provide you a personalized service cater to your unique financial needs. Coming soon....

9 more branches are scheduled to be opened in the first quarter of 2017, in Ayat, Arat Kilo, , Gerji, Yeshi Total, Zola-Imperial, Legettafo, Cinema Ras, Yeka Abado and a second branch in Mekelle Adi Aqi

Mane Ende Enat!
Enat Bank.

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