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» Announcement of Opening of 4 branches in June
Announcement of Opening of 4 branches in June

Enat bank continues to open new branches and broaden its horizons to serve its valued customers. In the month of June alone, Enat bank opened new branches making its total branches increase to twenty one.

Its 18th bole branch, opened near Edna mall, was named after Dr. JemberTefera who received the “ESSSWA 2010 Individual Award” by Ethiopian Society of Sociologist, social workers and anthropologists for her tremendous contribution in the humanitarian work. She has further assisted in the creation of a school for convicts and prison guards and was involved in the accreditation of a health assistance school that was established in the prison.

Next stop was to the ever growing community, Saris. This branch has been named after NigistEleni who was an empress of Ethiopia during the 15th century that made the translation of Greek and Arabic texts to Ge’ez possible. According to historians, she had a sound judgment and wisdom in diplomatic relations as well as domestic affairs of the country.

The 20th branch, AddisuGebeya, was named after the legendary musician Mary Armede who’s well known for her unique krar playing styles that have become a classic in the history of Ethiopian music.

The last but not least new branch of the month was opened in Shashemene, the heart of West Arsi Zone. The branch opened on June 23rd at an area commonly known by the residents as Abosto.

Enat Bank stands to satisfy your banking needs.

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